Product Example

SBAC’s Functional Precision Parts are used for wide variety of products.


List of Measuring and Testing

Image Sizer IM-6120 KEYENCE
Contour Measuring Instrument CV-3100 Mitsutoyo
Metallurgical microscope OPTIPHOT Nikon
Surface texture Measuring Machine SJ-410 Mitsutoyo
2D Coordinate Measuring Machine MF-B1010B Mitsutoyo
Digital Microscope VHX-900F KEYENCE
Hardness Tester MHT-1 Matsuzawa
Hardness Tester MRK-M Matsuzawa
High-speed Precision Cutting Machine 31 Maruhon

The material confirmation of a product:The metallic confirmation of the surface situation and hardness of the metal can be confirmed.
Shape confirmation of a product:The size of the surface form can be confirmed.
Implementation of product measurement:The size of the precise product can be measured.
Data making and a sequence of operational implementation


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