Complex Parts

  • Antenna

    ・Lathe Turned Parts
    ・Coil Springs
    ・Rubber Parts

  • Various Valves

    ・Plastic Parts (POM)
    ・SUS304 Coil Springs
    ・Rubber Parts (O-rings)
    ・SUS304 Machined Parts
    ・Plastic Balls (Iron Cored)

  • Parts for Cooking Stove (Governer)

    ・Zinc Die Casts
    ・Copper Pipes
    ・Lathe Turned Parts
    ・Rubber Parts

  • Oil Filters

    ・SUS304 Net Parts
    ・SUS304 Press Parts
    ・SUS304 Parts
    ・Plastic Net Parts
    ・Plastic Work Parts

  • Handles

    ・Machined Metal Parts
    ・Combined Plastic Parts(A.B.S.,PVC)
    ・Silk Screen Printings

  • Various Knobs

    ・Plastic Parts
    ・Pressed Parts

  • Packing of Accessories

    ・Pressed Parts
    ・Felt Parts
    ・Binder Parts

  • Vacuum-Sealed Parts

    ・Combination of Various Parts


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