Mission & Vision


  1. We aim for "Excellent Company" that we can accurately respond to the customer needs with our sincerity, skill and teamwork.
  2. We aim for "Sustainably Profitable Company" by doing jobs which satisfy customers’ needs and contribute to the society.


We aim for a company such as

  1. young and mid-career employees gain power.
  2. small numbers but highly skilled employees.

Company Profile

Corporate Name SBAC Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2-7-5 Higashioi, Shinagawa-Ku,Tokyo Japan 140-0011  MAP
TEL:+81-3-3450-5050 FAX:+81-3-3450-5152
Company foundation March 1948
Paid up Capital JPY 39,175,000.
Representative President Hidefumi Matsumoto
Employees 97(As the end of Jun 2021)
Sector Wholesalers of Precision Parts
Business Lines Industrial fasteners and related parts, cold forged parts, machined parts, pressed parts, die-cast parts, springs, plastic/rubber formed parts, composite parts, power saving tools.
Main Bank MUFG Bank


Mar. 1948 Founded by Masayoshi Sato
May. 1959 Reorganized as limited partnership company with capital JPY2,000,000.
And established as Sato Byora Co., Ltd.
May. 1969 Opened Hamamatsu office in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
Nov. 1969 Increased capital JPY 30,000,000
Sep. 1973 Opened Sendai office in Kakuda-shi, Miyagi
Apr. 1974 Opened Saitama office in Miyoshi-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama
Jul. 1974 Increased capital JPY 50,000,000
Dec. 1975 Opened Yamagata office in Tendo-shi, Yamagata
Mar. 1983 Opened Tokyo office in Shinagawa, Tokyo
Jul. 1989 Changed company name as SBAC Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1992 Opened Singapore office in Singapore
Oct. 1994 Opened Nagano office in Ina-shi Nagano
May. 2003 Qualified ISO9001:2000
Dec. 2003 Merged with SBAC COM, and changed to a capital of 39,170,000 yen.
Feb. 2009 Qualified ISO14001:2004
Dec. 2015 Relocation of Head office and Tokyo office.
Sep. 2017 TAKACHIHO CO.,LTD as a consolidated subsidiary
Aug. 2019 Relocation of Saitama office.
May. 2021 ONOUE SEISAKUSHO CO.,LTD as a consolidated subsidiary

Sales Office

Tokyo Office

TEL. +81-3-3450-5112
FAX. +81-3-3450-5885
2-7-5 Higashioi, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo Japan 140-0011

Hamamatsu Office

TEL. +81-53-463-1481
FAX. +81-53-464-5604
1-38-6 Satoh, Naka-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka Japan 430-0807

Sendai Office

TEL. +81-224-62-3323
FAX. +81-224-62-4687
20 Aza Nishi, Kajika, Kakuda-shi, Miyagi Japan 981-1523

Saitama Office

TEL. +81-49-268-5130
FAX. +81-49-268-5131
3-3-14 Nishimizuhodai, Fujimi-Shi, Saitama Japan 354-0018

Yamagata Office

TEL. +81-23-654-3141
FAX. +81-23-654-6428
2-5-25 Nukazuka, Tendo-Shi, Yamagata Japan 994-0014

Nagano Office

TEL. +81-265-76-5162
FAX. +81-265-76-5855
7664 Nosoko, Ina-Shi, Nagano Japan 396-0005

Singapore Office

TEL. +65-6872-9680
FAX. +65-6872-9684
BLK 171 Kampong Ampat #06-14 KA Food Link Singapore 368330

Group Company


3-2 aza Ikegami-nishi, Otsuki-machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Japan 963-0201


981-6 Kamihirose, Sayama-shi, Saitama Japan 350-1321


We promise quick supply and best products for any orders of industrial fasteners and other precision parts.