Special Parts

  • Titanium Alloy Parts

    ・TB-340C(Specification 2)

  • Fine Ceramics

    ・Alumina Ceramics(Al2O3)
    ・High Purity Mullite Ceramics(3Al2O3)

  • Metal Processed Part

    ・Aluminum Die Cast(ADC10~12)
    ・Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
    ・Magnesium Parts

  • Metal Filter Parts

    ・Stainless Steel for Springs
    ・Steel for Springs

  • Labels, Stickers

    ・Typographic Printing
    ・Silk Printing
    ・Screen Printing

  • Etching

    ・Material Stainless Steel


We promise quick supply and best products for any orders of industrial fasteners and other precision parts.

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