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SBAC’s Functional Precision Parts are used for wide variety of products.

Screw Parts
Various Parts
Complex Parts
Special Parts
Electric Parts

Facilities Introduction

Head Office / Tokyo Office / Sendai Office


Accepting various consultation, we can offer the most suitable products to our clients.

Consultation Example①
Choosing Materials with confirming surface condition and hardness of metal.
Consultation Example②
Determining Shape with confirming surface shape and dimension.
Consultation Example③
Measuring the size of precision products, reporting data, and other related activities.

List of Measuring and Testing

NOTypeModel nameManufacturer
1Image SizerIM-6120KEYENCE
2Contour Measuring InstrumentCV-3100Mitsutoyo
Photography device
4Surface texture Measuring MachineSJ-410Mitsutoyo
52D Coordinate Measuring MachineMF-B1010BMitsutoyo
6Digital MicroscopeVHX-900FKEYENCE
7Hardness TesterMHT-1Matsuzawa
8Hardness TesterMRK-MMatsuzawa
9High-speed Precision Cutting Machine31Maruhon
10Ultrasonic cleanerMetason120Struers
11Hot air drier8303Maruhon
12Mounting Press2426Maruhon
13Grinding machine5627-56Maruhon


Image sizer (Tokyo office)
Image sizer (Tokyo office)
Metalloscope (Tokyo office)
Metalloscope (Tokyo office)


contour shape extractor (Tokyo office)
contour shape extractor (Tokyo office)
microscope (Sendai office)
microscope (Sendai office)


hardness tester (Sendai office)
hardness tester (Sendai office)
Image sizer (Sendai office)
Image sizer (Sendai office)


Yamagata Office


We welcome our clients’ additional requests.

Examples of our clients’ requests in the past:
Supplying Service Parts
*Please consult us if you are going to do bagging for small parts.

Equipment List

NOTypeModel nameManufacturer
1Vacuum Forming ApparatusECOMAC-1800TAKASHIMA
2Digital Weight CheckerPE-G-015-A2-1/SS-MISHIDA
3Automatic Packing MachineCA-330NITTO KOSHIN


Automatic Packing Machine①
Automatic Packing Machine②


Automatic Packing Machine③
Automatic Packing Machine