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SBAC Activity

The company which supports "Made in Japan" products.

Since established in 1948, SBAC has made much efforts to supply sophisticated products in various kinds of industries.

1. SBAC stably supplied metal "Screw"s to industrial world for more than a half century.

The history of the supply

metallic material
Surface Treating
Electro plating (gold, copper, nickel, chromic, other)
Electroless plating, Welding plating, coating, others

The JIS Standard
dimensional tolerance and permissible difference

Male screw:bolt, machine screw, lock screw, tapping screw
female screw:nut
Screw-related part
washer, snap ring, pin, rivet, others
supporting one-off products

Examples for SBAC’s efforts

Weight Reduction of Parts

Choosing best material for products so that they can be the most suitable for clients’ needs

  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrically insulative
  • Machining is easy.
  • Simplify the manufacturing.
  • Recycle it easy
  • Strong to vibration
  • Suitable for cutting

Future efforts of SBAC

Understanding clients’ needs and offering concrete solutions.

    Solution to problem.
  • Offer a suggestion
  • Cost-performance
  • After sales service
  • Corresponding sales-speed
    Quality and Environment
  • Safety, The removal of the risk,
    Reduction of energy

2. Proposal activities for Value Engineering and Value Analysis, included in many of recent customer needs.

Proposal activity to "SBAC Seles"
Proposal activity of "SBAC Sales"

Finding a way to maximize "Value"

  • For what purpose will it be used?
  • Are there any cheaper and better things?
  • Are there any other things with same functionality?

Value = Function ÷ Cost

  1. maintain Cost, improve Function
  2. maintain Function, lower Cost
  3. improve Function, lower Cost
  4. improve Cost, to do Function up than price
VE(Value Engineering) and VA(Value Analysis)
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3. Challenge of the screw industry, development of anti-Loosening Screw.

Countermeasure for Loosening of screw, coating by sealants.

Challenge of SBAC

No Sealants = Anti-loosening screw

SBAC could solve longstanding problems
Cost cut of sealing,
Cost cut of screw
Solving problems caused by the sealing
  • Thermal expansion
  • to forget to paint sealing, unevenness of the uses
  • Environmental problem by the solute ingredient.

Mission & Vision


  1. We aim for "Excellent Company" that we can accurately respond to the customer needs with our sincerity, skill and teamwork.
  2. We aim for "Sustainably Profitable Company" by doing jobs which satisfy customers’ needs and contribute to the society.


    We aim for a company such as
  1. young and mid-career employees gain power.
  2. small numbers but highly skilled employees.

Quality Management


We are inspecting our products at every stage from Arrival to Shipment based on our own strict rules, acquired ISO9001:2008 Certification for our Quality Management System, and maintain reliable high-quality of our products.


Quality Policy

Through the supply of industrial fastener, functional fastening parts and related products, as a company which contributes to the development of manufacturing industry amid the drastic technical innovation and globalization, SBAC Co., Ltd will establish and implement quality management system, and commit to improve continuously by management review, with complying related laws and regulations, and set up this quality policy to become a company which can satisfy customer needs.
Additionally we will announce this policy to all employees through management progress meeting, internal bulletin or morning meeting, and make best effort to improve our self-awareness about importance of quality.

Environmental Management


We have established environment management system and ISO14001 certified.


Environmental Policy

  1. Basic Policy
    As a dealer of industrial fasteners, functional fastening parts and related products, we, SBAC Co., Ltd. currently strive to respond customer needs by supplying better products promptly. And through our business activity, with acknowledging influence on environment, we will make our best effort to establish, maintain and continuously improve environmental management system in order to contribute to environmental preservation activity of customers or society.
  2. Action Policy
    (1) In consideration of our actual business activity, we will strive to utilize energy including natural resources, electricity and oil by promotion of reduction and recycle of waste such as office stationeries or card-boards, and reduce environmental load through our business activity. (2) We will maintain environment of our workplace. (3) We will establish and continuously improve environmental management system and prevent pollution. (4) We will comply with laws, regulations, conventions and other requirements related to the environmental issues. (5) We will set up environmental target in order to achieve this environmental policy and continuously review to clear further level of the target under the cooperation of all employees. (6) We will disseminate this environmental policy to all employees and our partner companies as well.
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